How I Found My Home!

If you were to just look at that picture, you would think that I had the perfect life, wouldn't you? Well, maybe I did there, but before I came to live my parents, my life wasn't nearly as much fun! I came to my family as most great pets do - unplanned!

While my sire was dating my dam, they happened to stop by a Texaco station on the way to meeting his parents. I was there, watching the people around me, hoping that someone would give me a piece of dinner. Later my sire would describe me to people as looking "wiry and scrappy," but I didn't know it at the time.

When my dam saw me for the first time, she started to cry. Concerned, my sire asked her what was wrong, and she pointed at me. Then, without any more conversation, my sire started the car and they drove over to where I was sitting.

When they first tried to get me into their car, I wouldn't go. I didn't know them and I was afraid. My sire solved that problem pretty quickly after he went in and bought some beef jerky for me! After I had eaten and drunk my fill (which was a lot!), I fell into a deep, exhausted sleep. I stayed asleep for the rest of the five hour drive! And upon awaking, I started to get to know my new parents!

I made it sound easy here, but it wasn't all easy. My earlier family had had a doorbell, and anytime I heard a bell ring after that, I always got excited, thinking it was them! I could only be calmed down after being picked up by my dam or my sire and showed me that no one was there.

Because I was a "Southwest lady," as my sire liked to call me, my nickname was "Little Bean." He thought that that was an appropriate name for a dog who loved the Southwest as much as I did!

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